In Micrite , we sell products as well as solutions which can lead us to priding our self with only the quality products. Product development and research capabilities with the help of our lab analyst in the U.K. aid to serve a diverse and distinguished clientele.


Our products , mainly from the UK serve as an enhancer to improve the taste and quality of several end products


Flavour is a blend of two or more materials together to create their own unique character. Flavours are mainly determined by the chemical sense of taste and smell but Smell is the main determinant of flavour. Flavour therefore can be easily changed or become different by changing its smell while keeping it taste. We have two types of food flavours namely; Liquid flavour and powdered flavour

Liquid flavour: Comprises of plain flavour and emulsion. Emulsion: Is the mixture of food colour and plain flavour. We have wide range of liquid flavours like: Apple flavour, Banana emulsion and flavour, Butter flavour, Caramel, Chocolate flavour, Cocoa flavour, Coconut flavour, Coffee flavour, Cola emulsion and flavour, Ginger emulsion and flavour, Ginseng flavour, Grape flavour, Guava flavour, Lemon flavour, Malt extract, Mango emulsion and flavour, Milk emulsion and flavour, Nutmeg flavour, Orange emulsion and flavour, Passion emulsion and flavour, Pineapple emulsion and flavour, Strawberry emulsion and flavour, Vanilla flavour, White wine flavour, Brandy flavour, Whisky is mainly used for Beverages (soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee), Ice cream, Yoghurt, Baking (Pastries) BAKING FLAVOURS Butter, Nutmeg, Irish cream, Condensed milk, Vanilla, Pineapple, Caramel for brown bread, Milk, Emulsions for pastries. ALCOHOL Grape, Wine, Whisky, Brandy, Rum Jamaica, Ginseng, Gin, Ginger.

Powdered Flavour: They are flavours in powdered form: examples are Dry mix pineapple flavour, Dry mix strawberry flavour, Dry mix vanilla flavour, Dry mix chocolate flavour. It is used for powdered beverages such as This way chocolate drink, Milo, Nido, Cowbell, Jolly juice, Cocoa powder etc., It can also be used on Ice cream.


A fragrance is a blend of two or more materials that once blended together, creates their own unique character. Fragrances are basically sweet scented which are used in products such as body care products, detergents, fabric care, therapeutic, aromatherapy or used on it’s could also be used as perfumes and body splashes Micrite has in stock; Fruity Herbal/Medicated Citrus, Floral/Sweet Banana Deluxe, Aloe Vera Deluxe, Citronella Deluxe 1&2, Bella Deluxe, Micrite Apple Deluxe, African Deluxe, Micrite Apple Deluxe, Cool Wave Deluxe, Fruity Lemon Deluxe, Fluer Deluxe Fruity Lemon Deluxe Micrite Musk Deluxe Pineapple Deluxe Herbal Fragrance Micrite Lemon Deluxe Eternal Eagle Deluxe Strawberry Deluxe Pineapple Deluxe Micrite Mod  Micrite Vanilla Deluxe, Edible Micrite Orange Deluxe, Power Floral Deluxe, Micrite Orange Deluxe, Chocolate Fragrance, Floralux Deluxe, Chocolate Fragrance, Coconut Fragrance, African Deluxe, Chocolate Fragrances, Pink Mask Deluxe, Joyce Kombor Deluxe, Baby Deluxe Depending on the producer and his or her type of production, a fragrance can be selected from the wide range the company has in stock.


We provide our clients with the appropriate chemicals for production. We have in stock food chemicals and soap chemicals. Our food chemicals come in various varieties. Available are; Thickeners - Corn Starch, Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Stabilizers - Xanthan Gum Preservatives - Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Meta-bisulphite Sweeteners - Aspartame, Cyclamate(Sweetener) Other food chemicals - Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) Soap chemicals available are: Soap Base Caustic Soda Foam Booster Soap Thickener Sulfonic Acid Dichlorometaxylenol (DCMX) Methyl paraben Pine Oil Propyl Paraben Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).


Quality control equipments plays a very integral role in the manufacturing and food processing sector.In addition to controlling cost, these systems ensure that a safe, effective, and reliable product or service is offered to end-users.

We in stock wide rage of quality control equipments like Handheld visual Refractometers,Digital Refractometers,Micro Pocket scales,Stainless Steel Scales,Electronic Scales, PH Scales, Digital Thermometers and Impulse Sealers Solid State Timer.


Our wide varieties of Food coloring are being added to food or drinks to give it a desired colour. These coloring substances are mostly powdered. Due to its safety and general availability, we encourage the usage both in commercial food production and in domestic cooking. It can also be used in a variety of non-food applications, for example in home craft projects and educational settings. Some Variety of Colors: Amaranth Red, Jet Black, Blue Color, Carmoisine, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown, Deep Orange, Egg Yellow, Lime Green, Pea green, Rasberry Red, SPL Colour, Orange Red, KL Colour, Lemon Yellow Colour, Tomanto Red Colour and Green Colour


Our food colours are of high quality which comes in both liquid and powder form which are soluble in water

Our Services

Training Services

Coupled with the best of trainers in the company's training department, training sections are held on daily basis for individuals and organisation who are interested in aquiring skills in the production of yoghurt, ice cream, drinks, liquid, cake soap, shampoo's and conditioners etc.

Micrite Samples

To ensure that our valued customers get the worth of their money, samples of products are recommended to customers by our marketing executives to test in their product


Our relation with partners abroad coupled with unique modern equipments allows clients to explore in their field of production. With the assistance of our international partners, we customize and match flavours and fragrances with the request from our clients to enable own their unique brand to be ahead of competition.

Stop and Shop

With eight (8) branches and still counting, we have prolific sales executives to assist customers on daily bases. Our public relations department is always available to attend to all complains and recommendations.

Free Delivery Service

With well equiped vehicles in vour transport department,special deliveries are made to your doorstep at your request by phone call to any of our branches especially in the Greater Accra Region and Beyond


Food Colors

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About Us

Established in Accra Ghana in the year 2000, MICRITE GRP GH LTD has been a major supplier of industrial flavours, fragrances, chemicals, colours, yoghurt culture, refractormeters etc. Our main business activity has been importation and distribution of various ingredients such as raw materials for food and soap industry.

In the light of satisfying our clients, encouraging and promoting the growth of businesses regardless of the size, Micrite diversified the offering of its products and services; hence the Micrite Flavours & Fragrances, Micrite Skill Training and the Micrite Manufacturing Sectors which manufactures the Family Fun Products.

Our company has gained trust from many clients after years of hard work. Micrite Grp Gh Ltd has expanded in Ghana and we continue to reach out to customers across the country and neighboring countries in West Africa.

Even while facing the current competitive global market challenges, Micrite Grp Gh Ltd being a driven science-smart, modern and innovative company, has extended excellent services by carrying a wide array of new products and services to exceed its customer expectation.

By continuing to be at the forefront of flavours, fragrances, research, training and development, Micrite Grp Gh Ltd has plans to increase its share in the growing global market for an innovative flavouring product and unique services.

Amongst our varieties of products and services are our periodic seminar / training programs which are geared at improving productivity of individuals and organizations at our well-equipped conference room.

Our Family Fun Products are everyday household and personal care products. With the best of ingredients and internationally recognized formulations the Family Fun products are produced. After production, the products go through the QC sector to ensure that the products are manufactured under strict hygienic conditions. We have various brands of Family Fun Products. We have: Micrite Family Fun Liquid Soap, Family Fun Bleach, Family Fun Lotions and Moisturizers, Family Fun Black Soap Shower Gel (Alata Samina), Family Fun Refresheners and Family Fun Disinfectants

Our zeal for success has indeed earned us the motto; THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR QUALITY INGREDIENTS. We pride our self knowing that we are able to serve a wide array of individuals and business.

Video Intro

Training Process

Our Training programme Is designed For people who in one way or the other want to acquire skills in the manufacturing of liquid soap and the preparation of Soft Drinks, variety of Ice Creams, Jam and Yoghurt.

There will be a fellow-up after the course which will enable the trainee to be able to start production immediately after completion of the training.

The programme is also structured in a way to enable churches, organizations, N.G.O’s, Schools etc, to apply for group training. We have special offers for groups and individuals who want to be trained at their own premises.

We encourage trainees to start with a minimal capital. All our raw materials are available for sale in small quantities for self practice and also for small own beginning. Individuals who opt for 2 or more will be granted discount.

Participants will be awarded with “CERTIFICATE OF PARTICPATION” after completion of training 











Fun Facts




Please find below the types of trainnig that we have and thier respective fees

  • ₵500
  • Liquid Soap
  • Bar Soap
  • Antiseptic – Dettol
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Products (Food)
  • Yoghurt

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